When a Town Planning Scheme is received by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, the following steps are followed:

  1. It is recorded by the NAMPAB Secretary as “Received” and handed over to a Town Planner for evaluation within the shortest possible time.
  2. After that is completed, the Scheme is handed back to the NAMPAB Secretary with the instruction to advertise.
  3. A General Notice is prepared  (10 minutes);
  4. Three quotations are obtained from the newspapers (1-2 days);
  5. As soon as that is received, a requisition for expenditure is prepared and submitted to our Finance Division to be recommended by the Economizing Committee that is supposed to meet once a week (no control over time-frame);
  6. Once it is recommended by the Economizing Committee, a Purchase Order is issued (no control over this as well);
  7. Then the NAMPAB Secretary informs the newspapers that they may go ahead with the advertisement (once a week for 3 consecutive weeks as prescribed in the Town Planning Ordinance, 1954 (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended);
  8. The General Notice is also published in the Government Gazette which appears on the 1st  and the 15th of the month;
  9. The closing date for objections is 30 days after the last publication date.
  10. If no objection is received, the Scheme is given to the Planners again, to prepare a memorandum and recommendations for NAMPAB.  Again it depends on their workload.
  11. After it has been recommended by NAMPAB, a Government Notice is prepared and sent to the Legal Drafters for legal scrutiny (2 – 3 days).
  12. When the Government Notice is received back, the NAMPAB Secretary submits the Scheme to the Minister for approval (no control over the Minister’s schedule).
  13. After this, the applicant is informed about the outcome (within two days).