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This is contained in a Town Planning Amendment Scheme and the following procedures are being followed until the stage where the Amendment Scheme is promulgated in the Government Gazette.  When a Town Planning Scheme is received by the Division Planning, procedures are followed as laid down in the Town Planning Ordinance, 1954 (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended.

1.         The Town Planners will scrutinize the Scheme;

2.         Scheme is handed over to the NAMPAB Secretary with the instruction to advertise;

3.A General Notice is prepared, quotations are obtained from local newspapers and a requisition for expenditure is submitted to the Division Office Support;

  1. The Division Office Support will submit the requisition for expenditure to the Economizing Committee for approval after which a Government Order is issued;
  2. After this is done, the NAMPAB Secretary will hand over the Government Order to the newspapers and the Scheme is advertised in the newspapers once a week for three consecutive weeks;
  3. The General Notice is also published in the Government Gazette which appears on the 1st and the 15th of the month;
  4. The closing date for objections is 30 days after the last publication date;
  5. If no objection is received, the Planners submit the Scheme to NAMPAB for their consideration and recommendation; 
  6. After it has been recommended by NAMPAB, a Government Notice is prepared and sent to the Legal Drafters for legal scrutiny;
  7. When the scrutinized Notice is received back, the Scheme (together with the Government Notice) is submitted to the Minister for approval;
  8. The signed Government Notice is then sent to the Ministry of Justice for promulgation in the Government Gazette; and
  9. The applicant is informed about the outcome.

NOTE:All these steps can take almost up to one year.