For the Ministers Statement on the Customer Service Charter Launch:





This Service Charter is informed by and in line with the Public Service Reform Initiative (PSRI) which seeks to transform the Public Service into a performance and result oriented organisation at all levels (central and sub-national). The aim is to improve service delivery to the public and to foster operational efficiency in the Public Service. In keeping with the above, this Customer Service Charter sets out our commitment to pro-vide to you, our customer, the service that meets your expectation to the best of our ability.

The Charter sets out the following:

  •   Who we are;
  •   Our customers;
  •   What we do;
  •   Our commitment to our customers;
  •   Our service promise;
  •   When you contact us;
  •   Your views count;
  •   What we ask of you;
  •   Dealing with your complaints.


We are:

  •  The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development

  • The Governors

  • The sub-national governments (Regional Councils and Local Authorities)

This Customer Service Charter only applies to the Ministry. Regional Councils and Local Authorities have / are expected to develop their own Charters.




The customers of the Ministry are:

  • Governor Offices
  • Regional Councils
  • Local Authorities
  • Traditional Authorities
  • Public sector— other Government Offices, Ministries and Agencies
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Private sector and civil society
  • The general public