The MURD established the Habitat Research Development Centre (HRDC) as a national research institution. The HRDC is active in various fields of housing and human settlement research.

The MURD provided the seed funding for the construction and operations of the HRDC. To achieve the objectives, the HRDC cooperates with higher educational institutions, NGO’s and CBO’s professional organisations, and the private sector, local, regional and central government institutions.


To be the Centre of excellence in housing research and development by applying new methods and ideas of science and technology for the sustainable development of the Namibian housing sector


To promote the use of local, indigenous building materials and designs, to engage multi-disciplinary teams in basic research, the adaptation of existing knowledge and applied research to achieve a holistic approach to problem solving in the field of housing and its related issues.


The Habitat Research and Development Centre shall be the focal point for research and development of the Namibian Housing sector aimed at promoting sustainable human settlements.

Facilities offered by the HRDC:

  • Library
  • On-site exhibition space for innovative building methods and technologies
  • Display areas for products and materials
  • Office facilities for national and international researchers and consultants
  • A multi-purpose hall for 35-40 delegates with a kitchen
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Two Amphitheatres
  • Exhibition Area for Demo Houses
  • Two conference halls for 150-160 delegates
  • Four workshops for training programmes

About the HRDC Library

The HRDC’s Library mission is to collect, promote research  innovation services and promote adequate use comprehensive resources in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the staff, communities and students and to contribute to the preservation of building materials and other related resources.

Library services

The information centre is open for anybody as a researcher and study in the library. A library register book is available for all the library visitors for record keeping; operational hours are from 08H00-13H00 and open again from 14H00 to 17H00 during weekdays only. The library does not allow any books to be borrowed out as the library has a small volume of books for information usage; borrowing is reserved for MURD staff members only.


Library collection consists of approximately 5000 books and 100 reprints on National Housing Enterprise (NHE) reports, since all the collections of books where transferred from the NHE library to the HRDC library.

Activities of the HRDC in general

  • Renewable energy
  • Building materials and design
  • Education and training
  • Housing studies
  • Land tenure
  • Urban profiling
  • Gardening and food production promotion
  • Alternative sanitation (e.g. biogas, dry sanitation )
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • Support policy formulation
  • Advocating and promoting alternative housing and urban settlement designs
  • Providing facilities for training and conference
  • Library and information centre

Supportive organisation to HRDC

  • Renewable Energy &Energy Efficiency Institute
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Capacity Building Programme
  • SDFN
  • NHE