The objectives of the Ministry are as follows:

  • To extend participatory democracy
  • To improve public service delivery by sub-national governments
  • To ensure there are sufficient land available for housing and infrastructure development
  • To ensure access to acceptable shelter by the low income population and the destitute
  • To improve the level of household food security and nutrition nationally
  • To improve rural income at both national and household levels

In order to realise these objectives, the Ministry has embarked on the following medium to long term goals and priorities:

  • To improve the the technical and financial capabilities of all Regional Councils and Local Authorities in Namibia
  • To improve service delivery at all levels of Government
  • To expand the infrastructure of the newly proclaimed towns and settlement areas
  • To improve housing provision in general and to the low income groups in particular
  • To streamline and reorganise the activities of the Rural Development component of the Ministry in order to broaden its scope and functions and also to ensure that the beneficiaries of the food/cash for work programmes are rewarded fairly