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The LEDA provides local authorities, regional councils and members of the private sector with networking platforms, such as the annual LED Conference, LED Forums and Public Private Dialogues (PPDs).


LED Conferences

In April 2013, the LEDA held the fourth LED Pathfinders Conference at the Windhoek Country Club Resort. This annual event is designed to bring together LED practitioners and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors in order to promote the concept of LED in Namibia, to facilitate learning and to increase cooperation.



LED Forums

The LED Pathfinders – Northern Regional Forum is a platform for networking and capacity building among LED practitioners from government authorities in the North of Namibia. The Forum was launched in May 2013 in Oshakati. On this occasion, four task forces were formed in order to address the following topics: business information, town and regional marketing, public private cooperation and access to land. 

The second Forum was hosted by Oshikuku Town Council on 6th September 2013. All task forces presented their initial findings and thereby demonstrated that they are able to work together in order to identify solutions to common challenges.

The third Forum will be hosted by Okahao Town Council and is planned to take place in late January 2014. Based on the success of the Northern Regional Forum, the LEDA is also looking to establish a Central/Southern Regional Forum next year.   

First LED Pathfinders

Northern Regional Forum, Oshakati

Second LED Pathfinders

Northern Regional Forum, Oshikuku