Rural Development

  • Both the NRDP and NRDS have been developed through a wide consultative processes involving different Key Stakeholders
  • The EMERS has been developed in consultation of the Regional Councils to gather, store and analyse data

National Rural Development Policy – Why?

  • To guide rural development practitioners towards the adoption of efficient and effective, equitable and sustainable approaches
  • To raise the rural development matter high on the national agenda
  • To broaden public perception of the rural development issues
  • Form the basis of a comprehensive rural development national strategy and action plan

Rural Development – what is it?


Rural development – why?

  • Over 2/3 of the population lives in rural
  • Huge imbalance between rural and urban areas  
  • Poorly developed infrastructural services
  • High unemployment rate
  • High poverty levels                   
  • Less opportunities
  • Less access to basic services: water, health, education, electricity, sanitation

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Rural Development Rural Development

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Rural Development