The Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB) is a statutory body appointed by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development in terms of Section 12 of the Town Planning Ordinance, 1954 (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended for a period of three years.  NAMPAB consists of nine members representing the following Ministries/institutions:


  • Ministry of Urban and Rural Development
  • Ministry of Land Reform (Deeds Office)
  • Ministry of Land Reform (Office of the Surveyor-General)
  • National Planning Commission
  • Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • ALAN

12.(1)   The Board shall be entrusted with all matters relating to town planning schemes as are assigned to it in terms of this Ordinance, and shall in the performance of its functions, powers and duties under this Ordinance, comply with such directions as may from time to time be given to it by the Minister.

(2)   without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of subsection (10, the functions of the Board are: -

  1.  to advise the Minister in matters relating to the preparation and carrying into effect of town planning schemes;
  2. to formulate in general terms a town planning policy for Namibia with special reference to various types of development in their relation to roads, railways, residential, commercial and industrial areas, educational and other public institutions, sanitation, soil suitability and the like, including also the administrative and financial implications which certain types of development would have in respect of local government control;
  3. to undertake any survey within Namibia and to assign plans in connection therewith;
  4. to encourage the study of town and regional planning;
  5. to ensure as far as practicable that local authorities in the exercise of their powers in respect of town planning make use of such powers to the best advantage;
  6. to advise and assist local authorities generally in connection with the preparation of town planning schemes;
  7. to furnish any local authority with technical advice in regard to a town planning scheme; to prepare plans for any suggested scheme; to prepare estimates of the approximate cost of carrying out such scheme; and to tender such other advice as may be deemed necessary to enable such local authority to initiate such scheme and carry it out to completion upon its approval by the Minister

(gA)  to advise the Minister on the desirability for and necessity of establishing townships;

(gB)  to advise the Minister on the subdivision of land situated outside an approved township or   outside the townlands of such a township where either the subdivision or the remainder thus created is smaller than twenty-five hectares; and

(gC)  to advice the Minister on the desirability for and necessity of de- proclaiming a town;

(g) generally to exercise such powers and perform such functions as are conferred or imposed upon it by or in terms of this Ordinance:  Provided that such powers shall only be exercised ad such functions shall only be performed if the Minister so directs.