Nghidinua Daniel
  Chairperson of the Board of Trustees


    Martinus Nakale
    Deputy Director


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Republic of Namibia                                                       

Trust Fund for Regional Development  & Equity Provisions




The Trust Fund for Regional Development and Equity Provisions (Trust Fund) was established in terms of the Trust Fund for Regional Development and Equity Provisions Act, 2000 (Act No. 22 of 2000), with the mandate of providing financial assistance for the development of regions and local authorities, as well as supporting the implementation of decentralization programmes in Namibia. The Fund resorts under and reports to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.


The Trust Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, under the chairmanship of the Executive Director of the Ministry Urban and Rural Development. Other members of the Board are the Executive Directors of the National Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Prime Minister as well as representatives of the Association of Regional Councils (ARC), the Association of Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN), Namibia NGO Forum (NANGOF) and the National Federation of People with Disabilities in Namibia.


The Fund undertakes its operational and development activities within financial allocation received through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. In executing its assigned duties, the Board is assisted by an Executive Committee and a Secretariat, which ensure the implementation of the Board’s decisions and the requisite administrative support.  


Since its inception in 2001, the Fund has provided whole or part of funding to projects that have been identified and submitted to the Fund by regional councils and local authorities. The support of the Fund has resulted in the provision of basic infrastructure and services to a number of needy communities, who, due to the limited budget, are unable to secure the requisite budgetary assistance directly from the Central Government through the budget allocations to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. Following below are some of the developmental projects that were funded by the Trust Fund and completed during the 2018/2019 Financial Year.


Kalkrand  Village Council, Hardap Region

The project entails the replacement of the dysfunctional vacuum sewer system with conventional or gravitational sewer network covering 10,1km, including 394 erven connections to the new sewer system. In addition, a new water reticulation network covering 13.1km was contructed to replace the aging asbestos pipeline, whose water supply was unreliable due to recurrent breakdowns resulting in high maintenance costs. The combined cost of the project totalled N$28 million and was practically completed on 11th September 2018.   



The main pump station which conveys sewage to the oxidation ponds. The gantry in front of the pump station is used for lowering/lifting the pumps

The lift station which feeds sewage into the main pump station

Ongenga Settlement, Ohangwena Region:

The project consists of the construction of gravity sewer network measuring 3.4km including 50 erven connections to the sewer system; construction of water network measuring 3.3km including 49 erven connections to the water network; and the construction of 6 oxidation ponds. The project was implemented over two phases to the tune of N$26.7 million and was officially handed over to Ohangwena Regional Council by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Honourable Dr. Peya Mushelenga on 05 November 2018.  


Newly completed oxidation ponds

Engineer briefing Honourable Minister Dr. Peya Mushelenga on how the oxidation ponds work

Okalongo Settlement, Omusati Region

This project consists of the upgrading of the sewer network, including the construction of a pump station and oxidation ponds, and was financed by the Trust Fund to the tune of N$10.7 million, at the request of Omusati Regional Council. The project was practically completed on 29th February 2016.

Members of the Trust Fund Board and Secretariat visiting the completed pump station at Okalongo Settlement.









Newly constructed primary sewer ponds, with an aquatan liner, at Okalongo Settlement


Tsandi Village Council, Omusati Region 

The Trust Fund provided N$10.7 million towards the construction of a pump station and oxidation ponds at Tsandi, on request from the Omusati Regional Council. The project was successfully completed on 31st July 2015.

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