The mandate of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development is to Coordinates and manage Decentralization in Namibia .This entails the transferring powers to Regional Councils, Local Authorities and Traditional Authorities structures, providing advisory services, technical support and capacity building. This involves developing policy guidelines and procedures, evaluating institutional readiness of Line Ministries and Sub-National Government and legislation harmonisation as well as introduce good governance principles; facilitating the recognition of traditional communities and ensure compliance with provisions of the laws/legislations. It also ensures adequate Legislation, Policies and standards for Sub-National structure. It coordinates and facilitating the Rural Development activities, policies and legislation to ensure sustainable rural livelihoods, reduction of poverty, improve living condition and shelter, mitigate rural-urban migration and ensuring appropriate town planning and establishment; infrastructure development and land use management.

1.1.  Main strategic activities completed or in progress contributing to the achievement of the target/s.

The main strategic activities or objective are:

  1. To promote Good Governance at sub national level. This activity will be measured by a number of various performance indicators, focusing on the desired output. Some of the output are as follows, improved legal frameworks of Local and Regional Councils, amendment of the Local Authority Act, Regional Council Act, Disaster Risk Management policy.
  2. Facilitate the provision of quality, affordable and adequate housing for low income groups. This activity is measure by a number of houses constructed through Build Together Program, Single quarter transformation and number of serviced plot available to construct houses. It has now dissolved into the new concept called Mass Housing Initiative Programe.
  3. Improve the livelihood of rural communities. It can be measured with various performance indicators. The output is focusing more on the improve the lives of rural communities by creating employment opportunities through various rural project. Capacitating the small and medium enterprises through micro-finance scheme and support of poor rural farmers.
  4. Effectively Coordination of Decentralization Implementation process. This can be measured by annual review workshop conducted, conducted of awareness session and monitoring the decentralized phase and activities Read more...